View, list, and manage Tapis post-its, which are pre-authenticated URLs than can be used in web callbacks or for sharing resources with persons who do not have Tapis platform accounts.

postits create

Create a new Postit

tapis postits create [-L INT] [-m INT] [-M GET|POST] [-N] FILES_URI
-L INT, --lifetime INT

Lifetime (default: 2592000 sec)

-m INT, --max-uses INT

Maximum redemptions (default: -1)

-M GET|POST, --http-method GET|POST

HTTP method for URL (default: GET)

-N, --no-auth

Do not pre-authenticate the URL


Files URI (agave://system/path|https://api_server/system/path)

Replaces legacy CLI command “postits-create”

postits delete

Delete a Postit

tapis postits delete POST-IT_ID

Post-it identifier

Replaces legacy CLI command “postits-delete”

postits list

List active Post-Its

tapis postits list [--sort-ascending | --sort-descending]

sort the column(s) in ascending order


sort the column(s) in descending order

Replaces legacy CLI command “postits-list”